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Hazardous Waste Pretreatment System

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Zhongan Tower Type Hazardous Waste Pretreatment System can perform primary or dual-stage shredding of hazardous waste and its packaging. After harmless treatment, hazardous waste can reach the size required for incineration for cement kiln or resources recycling. Zhongan Tower Type Hazardous Waste Pretreatment System can feature all necessary function such as feeding, preshredding, secondary fine shredding, finished product transportation, safety fire protection, maintenance and is designed to handle hazardous waste shredding safely and stably.

What Are Hazardous Wastes

Before we discuss further about hazardous waste shredding and hazardous waste pretreament, let’s go though what hazardous wastes are, the list is extensive and includes:IBC ton barrels

Plastic barrels

200L iron barrels

Paint barrels

Ton bags

Medical waste, etc.

Hazardous Waste Shredding2

The most notable features of Zhongan Hazardous Waste Pretreatment System:

Modular design, the newest innovative technology

Intelligent control, multiple protection

Automatic fire protection, safe and reliable

Platform operation, easy maintenance

Zhongan’s Tower Type Hazardous Waste Pretreatment System can be desgined only preshred or both preshred and fine shred, shredder can be hydraulic or motor drive for flexible choice as user’s actual situation.

Dual Shaft Shearing Shredder (Hydraulic Driving), Output 50-200mm

Model No.




Capacity (t/h)




Power (kw)




Output Size (mm)




1. Imported hydraulic technology

Imported hydraulic system, constant power control, large torque, long life; the shredder is equipped with shock absorption device to improve the stability of the equipment.

2.High quality control

Zhongan workshop has more than 100 sets of large-scale CNC machining centers, strictly follow ISO9001 quality control which ensures high-precision processing.

3.Automatic fire fighting system

The system equipped with an automatic fire protection system, system equipment can automatically stop and close the fire gate when it encounters fire, automatic fire protection system protects safety operation of the production line in real time.

4. Intelligent Assistive Device

Auxiliary devices such as hydraulic push ram, unshreddable materials discharge door, mobile maintenance guiding rail, etc, which greatly improved O&M effeciency, stability running.

Single Shaft Fine Shredder, Output 30-80mm

Modular Structure

The whole shredder integrated power system, shredding system, hydraulic system, screening system, intelligent protection system, small footprint, safe and reliable.

High Alloy Knives

The moving knife is made of high wear-resistant material, knife direction can be changed and ulitized again, minimize your operation cost. The fixed knife can be used multiple ties by adjusting the position, real maximize utilization rate comes true.

Integrated Screen

Integratd high wear-resistant screen, can be opened in a dydraulic way with one press buton. Output size can be adjusted by changing the screen. One machine flexibly handles multiple output size needs. Minimize your equipment investment cost.

High Strength Spindle

Forged and tempered High-strength spindle, German standard spline connection, suitable for high torque and long life.

Model No.





Capacity (t/h)





Power (kw)





Output Size (mm)





Dual Shaft Shearing Shredder (Motor Driving), Output 50-200mm

Overall cutter chamber technology

Thickened steel plate Shredding chamber is overall annealed and processed by large CNC, higher precision, better strength and longer service life.

High Wear-resistant Cutters

Cutters are designed as characteristics of different materials, better wear resistance, higher shredding efficiency and lower repair cost. Multiple heat treatments and quality inspections, more reliable shredding of your hazardous waste.

Anti-winding Fixed Cutters

Special designed anti-winding fixed cutters to prevent the material from winding around the rotor, maximiz the shredding efficiency and operation stability.

Intelligent O&M

Hazardous waste shredding intelligent control system, software copyright registration number: 2021S RO854286, multiple intelligent operation & maintenance protection systems, real-time online monitoring; production data can be retrospectively analyzed.

Model No.




Capacity (t/h)




Power (kw)




Output Size (mm)




How Zhongan ensures you have no hassle disposal of the most challenging hazardous waste?

Zhongan’s Factory

Zhongan’s main business covers comprehensive waste disposal which includes C&I waste, bulky and garden waste, biomass agricultural and forestry waste, organic, medical waste, hazardous waste pretreatment, waste tire recycling, MSW shredding & sorting, etc.

Zhongan machining & production workshop 10,699m2, with more than 100 sets mechanical processing facilities, including 60 sets precision machining equipments in high-precision CNC machining centers and large-scale CNC machining centers, which can complete the production and processing of all core components. Zhongan’s in house technical team is involved in machinery, electrical automation, hydraulic technology, IoT technology such as these professional fields, which ensures our strong technological competitiveness.

Zhongan’s Service

Zhongan specially focuses on solid waste reduction, harmlessness, resource utilization technology and disposal equipment R&D, manufacturing, sales and service, provides customers with one stop solid waste renewable equipment & technological solution.

Full Life Cycle Service, Lifetime Technical Supports

Zhongan’s in-house team of experinced engineers covered machinery, electrical automation, hydraulic technology and IoT such as these professional fields, provides overal service solutions such as cutter repair, parts customization, euqipment maintenance, updating, and fault detection, higher effeciency and better safety.

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Our Company

Now, we are the trendsetter of solid waste disposal technology in China and spread business worldwide.

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