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Waste Tire (ELT) Recycling Plant

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Your Most Reliable Quality Tire Recycling Plant Manufacturer in China

Zhongan is one of the leading Chinese manufacturer in the design and construction of waste tire recycling plant and solid waste management plant, we are always highly focusing on quality and customer's need. Today, Zhongan is trendsetter in waste tire disposal technology in China and spread its business worldwide. Zhongan’s experienced engineer team conclude customer’s requirement and provide unique solution of waste tire disposal or even think ahead according to customer's actual demand and scrap tire different features. Nearly 20 year experiences of waste disposal technology and collecting knowledge of process, we know what are the major problems during waste tire disposal and give our professional suggestion to you. No matter what applications you want for rubber powder production, tire pyrolysis, alternative fuel in cement plant, coal power plant, thermal power plant, filler for artificial grass, courts and sports courts, road paving, floor slabs, mulch, stables floors, we always have the exact right effecient, cost saving and trouble free soutions to submit you.

Waste Tire (ELT) Recycling Plant (4)


Zhongan Tire Recycecling Plant is designed for recycling all kinds of tires, whole car and truck tires including mining tires, OTR tires, shredding and recycling different sizes of scrap tires into high-quality rough shreds rubber chips around 50-150mm for collection or further processing. During the shredding process by our tire shredder, all waste tires are cut and re-circulated, leaving a very clean and uniform rough shreds rubber chips with very little exposed wire

Scrap tire shreds from tyre recycling plant have numerous applications—like TDF (Tire derived fuel) widely used in cement manufacturing, pulp and paper facilities because it burns hotter than coal and is more cost effective, or TDA (Tire derived aggregate) widely used in civil engineering projects.

What are the specialties of Zhongan’s Tire Recycling Plant?

1. Advanced Technology

Technically superior engineer and years of mass production expert takes care each step in feeding system, shredding system, screening system, steel wire separation system, fiber separation system, dust reduction system; customizes design versatile waste tire disposal solution according to vary peculiar waste tires, overall turnkey scheme solution design, advanced technology, energy saving and environmental protection.

2. Safe and Reliable

High-strength tooth cutter, good performance, easy maintenance, reliable operation. Highly intelligent O&M control system, reduce labor costs and ensure production safety.

3. Intelligent Operation& Maintenance

Zhongan Waste Tire Recycling Plant inteligent O&M system is compatible with online monitoring and AI technologies, safety interlocking, coordinated operating& maintaining, digital managing and multiple protecting.

4. Quality Service

Zhongan advanced CNC machining center and production system guarantee equipment operation reliability, order on time delivery, product quality and rapid supply of spare parts.

Zhongan’s Fatory

Zhongan specially focuses on solid waste reduction, harmlessness, resource utilization technology and disposal equipment R&D, manufacturing, sales and service, provides customers with one stop solid waste renewable equipment & technological solution.


Zhongan’s main business covers comprehensive waste disposal which includes C&I waste, bulky and garden waste, biomass agricultural and forestry waste, organic, medical waste, hazardous waste pretreatment, waste tire recycling, MSW shredding & sorting, etc.


Zhongan machining & production workshop 10,699m2, with more than 100 sets mechanical processing facilities, including 60 sets precision machining equipments in high-precision CNC machining centers and large-scale CNC machining centers, which can complete the production and processing of all core components. Zhongan’s in house technical team is involved in machinery, electrical automation, hydraulic technology, IoT technology such as these professional fields, which ensures our strong technological competitiveness.

Zhongan’s Service:

Full Life Cycle Service, Lifetime Technical Supports:

Zhongan’s in-house team of experinced engineers covered machinery, electrical automation, hydraulic technology and IoT such as these professional fields, provides overal service solutions such as cutter repair, parts customization, euqipment maintenance, updating, and fault detection, higher effeciency and better safety.


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Now, we are the trendsetter of solid waste disposal technology in China and spread business worldwide.

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