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SRF&RDF Alternative Fuels Prodution Plant

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What’s RDF/SRF?

RDF stands for Refuse Derived Fuel, it is a form of AF (Alternative Fuels). This fuel is produced from combustible components that the industry calls Municipal Solid Waste-MSW for short. This waste, usually taken from industrial or commercial sites, is shred, dried, slectected, sorted and then finally burned to produce electricity or other form energy. Refuse Derived Fuel is a renewable energy source, selected waste and by-products with recoverable calorific value can be used as fuels in a cement kiln, replacing a portion of conventional fossil fuels, like coal, if they meet strict specifications. Sometimes they can only be used after pre-processing to provide ‘tailor-made’ fuels for the cement process or WtE/EfW Plant.

Classic but Unique Solutions

Zhongan offers modern and efficient processing technological solutions for the Alternative Fuel production of RDF/SRF. Zhongan have different techniques to ensure the creation of a homogenous material that can be used as a substitute fossil fuel. The most common way of extracting RDF from Municipal Solid Waste is to combine mechanical and biological treatments methods. Such methods include, but are not limited to:

Bag splitting

Magnetic separation


Coarse shredding

Size screening

Fine secondary shredding

Air classifier (density separation)


RDF can be used in a variety of ways to produce electricity or as a replacement of fossil fuels. It can be used alongside traditional sources of fuel in coal power plants. In Europe RDF can be used in the cement kiln industry, where strict air pollution control standards of the Waste Incineration Directive apply. The main limiting factor for RDF / SRF use in cement kilns is its total chlorine (Cl) content, with mean Cl content in average commercially manufactured SRF being at 0.76 w/w on a dry basis (± 0.14% w/wd, 95% confidence). RDF can also be fed into plasma arc gasification modules & pyrolysis plants. Therefore, to ensure that RDF combustion with continuous high calorific value, qualified preshredder and fine shredder are the Core Technology in RDF/SR production.

Zhongan pre-shredders and fine shredders are golden partner for RDF production. They shred the delivered industrial or municipal waste to a homogeneous size before it is finally burned as fuel in the course of biopower or cement production.

Consistently high-quality cuts with our cutting gap adjustment

Zhongan's pre shredder for RDF/SRF production plant.

RDF&SRF Production Shredder (2)Double Shafts Shredder Cutting Chambber (2)

The counter knives are user-friendly, high-strength wear-resistant materials with high reliability, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, long life and can be easily reversed when meet unshreddable materials. In addition, they are protected by cover plates and positioned at an angle for an even more aggressive cut. It is intelligently assisted by hydraulic feeding technology to reduce manual participation and save labor costs.

Zhongan Pre-shredder is compatible with online monitoring and AI technologies, safety interlocking, coordinated operating& maintaining, digital managing and multiple protecting.

Always lubricated bearings thanks to automatic central lubrication

According to the running time, lubricating oil is automatically injected into the bearing on a regular basis, and will alarm when oil insufficient.

Rotor developed for pre-shredding

The massive rotor is ready for anything. It has wear protection as standard, which makes it particularly resistant to foreign matter. Due to the good accessibility, the rotor can still be maintained comfortably.

Overall cutter chamber technology

The cutter chamber is processed by large CNC machining center at one time, high accuracy machining ensures the bearing seat good concentricity, stable and reliable. Modular design, simple structure and convenient maintenance.

Special anti-loosening technology

The double-stacked self-locking washer is used to prevent the bolt from loosening. This washer has a unique wedge-type structure, and the double-sided embossing bites and moves, improved the traditional anti-loosening method that relies on friction.

Wide ranges cutting knives for choice

Patented knife assembly. Unique bi-directional shredding system, both synchronous and asynchronous, with two shafts.

Zhongan's fine shredder for RDF/SRF production plant.

U Shape Single Shaft Fine Shredder (1)U Shape Single Shaft Fine Shredder Inside

Convenient maintenance and optimum rotor access thanks to generous inspection flap

The most striking feature of the fine shredder is certainly the built-in inspection flap. As soon as the swing ram is secured in its upper starting position, the wide access from the rear can be opened hydraulically. You are now in the middle of the cutting chamber and have plenty of space to remove foreign matter from the rotor or to carry out maintenance work at a comfortable working height.

Optimum cutting geometry thanks to adjustable counter blades

To ensure that the cutting gap is always perfect, even with wear, the counter knives of the Fine Shredder series can be quickly adjusted and turned from the outside. This leads to a constantly high throughput rate and increases the knife service life.

Optimized material feed through innovative swing ram

The G series from Zhongan is characterized by its distinctive swing ram and correspondingly high ram speed, which is integrated in the cutting chamber to save space and requires extremely low maintenance. Material already slides to the rotor by gravity and is then continuously or cyclically pressed against it by the hydraulically movable swing ram. For even more aggressive feeding, the ram can optionally be equipped with an additional pressing feature.

Lift-up screen basket for maintenance-friendly access

The choice of the appropriate screen is closely related to the desired shredding result. For maximum flexibility, the segments can therefore be exchanged individually. Different perforated screen diameters and screen variants such as the innovative kidney screen are possible. The entire screen basket can be opened hydraulically at the push of a button.

How Zhongan ensures you have no hassle production of SRF/RDF?

1. Our Factory and Manufacturing Facilities

Zhongan machining & production workshop 10,699m2, with more than 100 sets mechanical processing facilities, including 60 sets precision machining equipments such as high-precision CNC machining centers and large-scale CNC machining centers, which can complete the production and processing of all core components.

2. Full Life Cycle Service, Lifetime Technical Supports

Zhongan’s in-house team of experinced engineers covered machinery, electrical automation, hydraulic technology and IoT such as these professional fields, provides overal service solutions such as cutter repair, parts customization, euqipment maintenance, updating, and fault detection, higher effeciency and better safety.

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