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  • The price of the twin-shaft shredder is usually determined by the specific needs of the user, including material types, feeding&discharging method, the composition and percentage of the material, the size of the material, the follow-up process and budget. Usually the smaller of the output size, the
  • The difference among low-speed, medium-speed and high-speed shredding is the speed of the rotor. The slower the speed, the less temperature pass to the material, there's also a smaller chance of damage because allows for dealing with the unshreddable materials safely in the process.In the same cond
  • Operators need to consider a shredder machine that’s easy to maintain because short downtimes can sometimes make the difference between a business and its competitors, a shredder with a high and consistent output to make the produced waste streams with good grain size. This requires a robust shreddi
  • Twin-shaft shredder, also known as twin-shaft shearing shredder, is a type of shearing shredding. In solid waste shredding process, twin-shaft shredders are mentioned more frequently than other types shredder. It doesn't mean twin-shafts is much better than other types shredding equipment. The good

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