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Industrial Waste Disposal System

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Methods of Industrial Waste Management

A wide variety of waste streams emitted from industrial plants can be addressed with the units engaged in Industrial Waste Management and guarantee the safe disposal of all waste, their maximum recovery reducing costs and environmental footprints. Techniques used by such units include physical, chemical and biological approaches like

Physical Methods

Chemical Methods

Biological Methods

Immobilisation (Encapsulation Thermoplastic binding)

Neutralization / stabilisation

Aerobic treatment by Activated sludge

Carbon absorption

Oxidation  or  Reduction

Wastewater  treatment in Aerated lagoon



Decomposition (Trickling filter)

Grinding, Shredding, Compacting

Thermal desorption / HTMR

Rotating biological contactor (RBC)


Precipitation / Extraction

Anaerobic digestion

Zhongan specially focuses on solid waste reduction, harmlessness, resource utilization technology and disposal equipment R&D, manufacturing, sales and service, provides customers with one stop solid waste renewable equipment & technological solution.

Classic but Unique Solutions

Recycling involves collecting, processing, and reusing materials that would otherwise be handled as waste. Recycling and beneficially reusing wastes can help reduce disposal costs, while using or reusing recycled materials as substitutes can reduce the raw materials costs. Zhongan expert tailor make professional Industiral Waste Management System for the comprehensive disposal and recycling of mixed industrial waste and other complicated solid waste, our classic Industiral Waste Management System is composed of complete interlocking equipment. Industrial Waste Management System integrated conveying, shredding, sorting, and transferring modules which are enable it to process the mixed industrial waste and other solid waste from large to small, from mixed to be sorted, and therefore realize waste reducing and recycling, improve urban quality. It is conductive to building waste-free city, circular economy and optimizing the living environment.

Industrial Waste Disposal System (2)


Zhongan Industrial Waste Management System can process various materials such as municipal solid waste (MSW), commercial and industrial waste (C&I waste), green waste, wood and other bulky waste, also have a wide range of all purpose application in RDF/SRF ( Refuse-Derived Fuel/Secondary Recovered Fuel) production, biomass processing, waste-to-energy plants (WtE), Energy from Waste Plants (EfW) and in mechanical biological treatment plants (MBT) such as these waste recycling, reduction, reuse and waste management industry.

Industrial Waste

What are the specialties of Zhongan’s Industrial Waste Diposal System?

1. Advanced Technology

Zhongan provides complete customized Industrial Waste Disposal System and incredible services. Rich practical experienced senior expert in-depth take care feeding, shredding, sorting, conveying, transferring and other process with the most scientific method, system work together in perfect to avoid secondary transfers, minimize site occupation and improve working efficiency.

2. Safe and Reliable

Zhongan Industrial Waste Shredder adopts high-strength wear-resistant materials with high reliability, abrasion resistance, impact resistance and long life.

It is intelligently assisted by hydraulic feeding technology to reduce manual participation and save labor costs.

3. Intelligent O&M

Zhongan Industrial Waste O&M system is compatible with online monitoring and AI technologies, safety interlocking, coordinated operating& maintaining, digital managing and multiple protecting.

4. Quality Service

Zhongan advanced CNC machining center and production system guarantee product operation reliability, order on time delivery, product quality and rapid supply of spare parts.

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Our Company

Now, we are the trendsetter of solid waste disposal technology in China and spread business worldwide.

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