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Safe Heavy Duty Molded Articles Pre-shredder for Bulky Waste

Bulky waste recycling is difficult to handle due to its large volume and heavy. Solid waste that is too large to be accepted by waste management, therefore they often throwed away in streets. However, bulky waste contains a lot of potential useful materials for recovery and sell-on. Secondly, bulky waste without shredding is hard to move, incurring a high transportation cost.


Moreover, Zhongan provides a full range of waste shredders to deal with various challenging solid waste materials, depending on the material features, disposal methods and processing capacity, they may appear in the form of Single ShaftDouble Shafts or even Quad Shafts. In addition, the type and quantity of knives will also vary greatly, all are depending on your specific needs and what shredding stage you are using them. However, no matter what types they are, we will have the most suitable, most robust and stable shredder to meet your actual application.



Zhongan has foreseen these chanllenges and offered an incredible solution for bulk waste processing. An early size reduction is the first key point, so we simplify bulky waste recycling with our innovative designed bulky waste shredder. For any challenging bulky waste, Zhongan bulky waste shredder is specially designed with a wide-open hopper and large shredding chamber for huge and difficult-to-dispose garbage, therefore, it is capable of shredding bulky waste of any shape like waste sofas, cabinets, tables, chairs, mattresses, pallets, garden waste, and other large size bulky solid waste which is inconvenient to collect, transport or recycle.

Shredding Bulky Waste


Model No.


Shredder Type

Output size(mm)



Double shafts




Double shafts




Double shafts


Working Principle:

Our Bulky Waste Shredder is driven by the power system to drive knife shaft to make knife rotor rotate at a low speed, and meanwhile, crushing, tearing and shredding among the knife cutters.  The bulky waste shredder compositions: knife chamber, motor, reducer, frame, maintenance corridor, intelligent operation and maintenance control system, etc.

Special Features


Our Company

Now, we are the trendsetter of solid waste disposal technology in China and spread business worldwide.

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