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Scrap Tire Shredder Equipment & Recycing Plant

As a scrap tire shredder manufacturer loved by customers around the world, Zhongan provides users with the most innovative scrap tire recycling and shredding solutions based on a thorough understanding of customer specific needs and minimizing customer operating costs, and meet the diverse applications of many customer groups such as waste tire granulating, grinding, waste tire pyrolysis for oil refining, TDP, TDA, and TDF, etc.

Product Description

The Unique Features of Zhongan Tire Shredder

Our tire shredder series is a patented two-shaft shredder design exclusive to Zhongan Eco equipment, Zhongan Tire Shredder is driven by the power system to drive the knife shaft and make the active knieves rotor rotate at a low speed. The knives tear and shear each other to shred the tire, and meanwhile, integrated drum screen ensures the consistency of discharged shredded tire size. Tire Shredder consists of knife chamber, motor, reducer, integrated rolling screen, frame, intelligent operation and maintenance control system, etc.

Intelligent Siemens PLC (222)

Intelligent Siemens PLC

Cutting Chamber Integrated CNC Machining (7)

Integrated Knives Chamber

Hihg Strength Spindle (8)

Hihg Strength Spindle

Double Shafts Shredder Knives Machining

High Wear-resitant Knives

Shredder Rotors (1)

Doulbe Rotors for Tire Shredder

At the same time, Zhongan shredder knives can be repaired 5-6 times, which is a surprise that no tire recycling operator can refuse. Our tire shredder knivevs repair technology allows them to get rid of the trouble of high operating costs. For the first time, they realized that the recycling and shredding of waste tires could be so easy and the operating costs so ultra-low and controllable, which greatly increased the customer's revenue and profits.

Knives Before Repair

Before repair (3)

Knives After Repair

Knives fter repair (1)

Available Models for Choice

Model No.


Shredder Type

Output Sizemm



Double shafts




Double shafts




Double shafts




Double shafts


How Zhongan optimizes the next step of processing your shredded End Life Tire (ELT)

As a manufacturer of Tire Shredder and Tire Recycling Plant with 20 years of experience, Zhongan has accumulated experience in the production and manufacturing of Tire Shredder and Tire Recycling Plant, as well as accumulated cutting-edge experience in the operation of our many users' production lines, which can help you avoid every mistake and go straight to the ultimate goal of project success. Zhongan will not stop at the initial stage of tire shredding. We will continue to explore in depth the next step of processing your shredded tires, such as steel wire and fiber separation, tire granulation, tire grinding, dust removal, etc.

Tire Rubber Breaking Machine (1)

Tire Rubber Breaking Machine

Tire Wire Separator (11)

Tire Wire Separator 

Tire Granulator (22)

Tire Granulator 

Disc Screen (1)

Disc Screening Machine

Tire Bead Wire Pull Machine (5)Tire Bead Wire Pull Machine
Magnetic Separator (2)

Magnetic Separator

In Response to the Complexity and Challenges of Recycling and Shredding Waste Tires, Zhongan’s Tire Disposal Solutions Are Classic Yet Innovative.

Zhongan Tire Shredding Equipment is the China leader in cost-effective turnkey tire recycling. Our system delivers optimum production performance and profitability at the industry’s most affordable costs for TDS (Tire Derived Shreds), wire free chips, rubber mulch, crumb rubber, and fine rubber powder, used in a variety of applications worldwide.

Zhongan Tire Recycling Plant will process truck and passenger car tires to produce 99.9% pure rubber granuels, free of steel and fibers. The system is optimized with load control and automatic feeding for optimal throughput. This ensures you get the most from your investment!

Waste Tire Recycling Plant (1)

Waste Tire Recycling Plant

Waste Tire Recycling Plant (4)

Scrap Tire Shredding System

Shredded Tire

Zhongan Tire Shredder Production and Manufacturing Capabilities

Zhongan machining & production workshop 10,699m2, with more than 100 sets mechanical processing facilities, including 80 sets precision machining equipments in high-precision CNC machining centers and large-scale CNC machining centers that covered 850mm, 1 m, 1.6 m, 3 m, 6 m, 11m CNC, which can complete the production and processing of all core components. All these are strong guarantee for the continuous production and reliable operation, and wheanwhile, it also ensures quick high quality equipment delivery and quality spare parts supply.

Factory Overview (9)

Factory Overview 

Factory Overview (5)

11m CNC

8m CNC

8m CNC

6m CNC

6m CNC


Our Company

Now, we are the trendsetter of solid waste disposal technology in China and spread business worldwide.

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