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Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Shredder for Recycling

Zhongan MSW Shredder can dispose of a wide variety of municipal solid waste and reduce it for higher efficiency recycling and management. When it comes to shredding and processing municipal solid waste (MSW), no matter they in bale or in bulk, Zhongan's experienced engineers always have the most suitable countermeasures to deal with the most complicated challenging MSW to meet any of your application.

Product Description

What's MSW?

MSW-Abbreviation of Municipal Solid Waste, known as trash or garbage from people’s everyday items that includes food residue, paper, plastics, textiles, wood waste, rubber, and non-combustibles.

What's MSW Shredder?

The MSW Shredder is a powerful machine used in industries to break down municipal solid waste into a specific and evenly sized form. Depending on the desired output size and shredding section, it can be categorized into primary shredding, secondary shredding, or fine shredding. Additionally, the shredder can also be classified based on its structure, which includes single-shaft, double-shaft, or four-shaft shredders.

What Types MSW Shredder We Offer?

Zhongan provides a variety of MSW shredders that may appear in double shafts, single shafts or even quad shafts with wide selection of knives to meet your needs at different shredding stages and different output sizes.

Coarse Shredder-Double Shafts (2)

Double Shafts Coarse Shredding

Shreating Shredder-Double Shafts (2)

Double Shafts Shearing Shredding

Fine Shredder-Double Shafts

Double Shafts Fine Shredding

Fine Shredder Single Shaft

Single Shaft Fine Shredding

How Can We Provide the Best Solution Based on Your Processing Intentions?

Versatile MSW  Solutions

We offer comprehensive solutions based on your municipal solid waste composition and retain feasible options for all waste types, such as composting of food scraps and some organic matter, high value-added waste recycling, shredding of combustibles and compliance with WtE plant Burning requirements, landfill of non-combustible materials with no utilization value.

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW Sorting Plant) (3)

Industrial Waste Disposal System (3)

What Application Scenarios Can our MSW Shredder be Used In?

Zhongan municipal solid waste shredder has outstanding talent and undisputed stability in many waste recycling applications: residue-derived fuel (RDF) production, biomass processing, waste-to-energy plants (WtE), Energy from Waste (EfW), biopower or biomass power plant, gasification plants, cement kilns, and mechanical biological treatment plants (MBT).

WtE&EfW Plant (1)

WtE&EfW Plant

Mechanical Biological Treatment

RDF&SRF Production

MRF Materials Recovery Facility (2)

MRF Plant

Mechanical Biological Treatment

Biomass Power Plant


Our Company

Now, we are the trendsetter of solid waste disposal technology in China and spread business worldwide.

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